Ronald Koeman Isn’t Quiting Barcelona FC Anytime Soon

Cineguff ronald koeman 1

“The only way I will quit Barça is when my messages don’t arrive at the players anymore. That’s when I will say: ‘Okay, I am done here’. But this is not the case. Every day that I am on the pitch with my players is a nice day”.

Koeman Updates

“I do not regret signing for Barcelona and leaving the Dutch team. It’s in situations like these that I get the best out of myself and my team.”

Cineguff ronald koeman

Messi covered all the flaws at this club. He is so good. Of course he still had some good players around him, but he was the one who made the difference. And he made everyone around him look better than they are. This is not me criticizing, this is my observation.

Messi is a 10/10 in every aspect of the game. In recognizing situations on the pitch, in finishing, in controlling the ball, in putting the right speed behind a pass. It’s not normal, it’s not normal!

To be in a high ranking in the League would be a success. In the Champions League you cannot expect miracles.”

Cineguff koeman

The club is in a time of restructuring. That takessome time. Young players can become stars in a couple of years. Which has happened with Xavi and Iniesta. It takes patience. In the Champions League you cannot expect miracles.