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7 best SERIES based On Marvel Comics Character | worth Watching MCU series

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Marvel Cinematic Universe popularly known as Marvel is an American Media Company that produces Movies, Books, and Series based on Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics is a character-based entertainment company. They have created over 8000 characters in the last 8 decades who possess different abilities and superpowers .
There are more than 27 series based on Marvel characters. Here is the list of best series based on Marvel Comics character. The list is based on the opinions of the Cineguff editor.

1) Daredevil

Cineguff d1

2) The Punisher

Cineguff marvel punisher story 1510309934177 1

3) The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Cineguff falcon and winter soldier 1200 1

4) Wanda Vision

Cineguff wandavision 1610665283

5) Iron Fist

Cineguff maxresdefault

6) Jessica Jones

Cineguff jessica jones luke cage

7) Luke’s Cage

Cineguff jessica jones luke cage 1
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